Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more musings

Monday evening found us using one of our gift certificates from Matthew for Tassone's. Oh, I do love the all you can eat crab legs. Uncle Roy went with us. If you remember, he had certificates too. They were not as crowded as they usually are on crabby Monday; but for some reason the service was slow. Wm. and Uncle Roy waited patiently while I got my fill. We did not see the guy who brings his own butter warmer there this time. (he also said that he eats 45 knuckles) Yikes, who can do that and why would they let him??????

Yesterday afternoon Matt and I had a tea party on the veranda. The beautiful plastic "china" was something left in the toy box from the girls. He was delighted when he discovered it. While he napped, I made some mini loaves of banana bread; after I rescued my mini pans from the basket on Matt's bike. :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

miscellaneous musings (edited)

Wm. was just saying that we lead a very boring life..... a very predictable one. Well, seeing our days and weeks have begun to run into each other, I guess he may be right. Not today! After church, we stopped at Super WalMart to get groceries and a few other things. (OK, that part was very predictable and boring) When we got home I decided to go out to the garage and paint an armoire I want to use in the office. Wm. was going to see his mother. Then he decided to call her and invite her for dinner. She asked if Matty was coming too so he called Susan and invited them for dinner as well. He had to go past Uncle Roy's house on the way to get his mother so he brought him for dinner too.
Very unpredictable and very spontaneous. We had a great dinner (pork roast) Susan brought a cake and we all laughed and laughed. My mother in law told me something that my husband never did........she made him take accordion lessons! Then she told us he hated them but it was not until she heard him play "Lady in Spain" that she let him quit. This all started when I told her that Wm. said one thing he always regretted was never learning to play the piano. She said she knew that but she wanted him to play the accordion!

Matthew, in his new shirt with his new blankie that Betsy made him, watching Dora. His cousin Tyler brought him the shirt back from his vacation to the Jersey shore. I remember "the girls" watching Dora (in fact I still have the Dora tapes they loved and now Matt is loving them too) I love it when Dora asks if you see something and he jumps up and down and points at the screen, saying "I see it Dora, I see it.....right here"

Monday, September 17, 2007

weekend update

We had a very productive weekend; well sort of. I got a lot accomplished just not what I had planned to do. The rain on Saturday kept me from painting. (not raining at BJ's or the mall though)
Sunday after church we went to Cracker Barrel to have lunch with our north country friends, the Ashleys. They were on the way to Rochester to see their new little granddaughter Norah Rose. It was so good to see them.....I do miss the north country family and friends we left we came to Syracuse. I don't miss driving a lot to go shopping, even for groceries. I really miss Josh, Jackie and my three little princesses! From there we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and low and behold, ran into Betsy and Kenny.
Betsy made Matt a small afghan like the one she made him when he was born so he could carry it around without tripping over it. Oh, I didn't mention he likes to walk around with it over his head (and it still drags on the floor) Not sure why he suddenly needs to take the "blankie" with him every where he goes not to mention the "paci". We tried to keep it just for naps but he will try scaling the dresser to get it. Anyway, the "new little blankie" was a big hit. He left his other afghan in his bed and the paci on the dresser.
Did I mention that Matt gave us a gift certificate to Tassone's for Grandparent's day? I thought it was one until I took it out of the envelope and it was two. Susan said she did that because she had given Uncle Roy 2 gift certificates for Tassone's for his birthday and he would not want to go alone!
She is a good daughter don't you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

another update

Wm. started his new job on Monday. I think he will quickly adjust and end up liking it much better. He was never one to just sit around or pretend he was busy when he wasn't. That pretty much sums up what they did in injet a lot of the time. It was either feast or famine; either they had no work at all or tons that all needed to be mailed the same day. The warehouse manager position requires his full time attention. Things are coming in and out all day long and there is no time for sitting around. (thank you Lord).
My knee is much better. My question now is why didn't we just go with the shots last time rather than the surgery which didn't seem to help anyway?
I feel like a lot of other bloggers in that I am very happy to see summer leave. The heat and humidity just seem to zap all my energy. I absolutely love autumn. I love the cooler temperatures, the gorgeous colors and I actually feel like I want to cook, bake and find new projects to work on.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


For the first time in 15 yr; I got a haircut by someone other than Betsy. Let me start at the beginning; even after we left Canton, Betsy still cut my hair. Either she would stop on her way to or from Rochester to visit her grandchildren or she would cut it when I came to Canton. She had no idea when she would be coming down and I don't know when we will make it up again until Alyssa's birthday. So yesterday, I went to Super Cuts and got my hair cut. Considering how apprehensive I was going in, it really looks pretty good. Who knew?

I finished the shelf I was making for Jen and Eleora's shower. I was very happy with the way it came out..... My DH is doing an excellent job of showing it off so I could take the picture, don't you agree? What you can't see are the fish on the top of the shelf so it goes with the theme in her room. (very creative, eh?)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

PTL.....Great News..... PTL

I have great news, I have been praying for this for a while now. Wm. has a new job. Well, technically, he is still at IMS (Immediate Mail Service) but he will no longer be working in Inkjet. He will be the Warehouse mgr. He will be working alone, something he is pleased about. It should also have a considerable raise. Not exactly sure what "considerable" is in their eyes, but we are grateful for anything we get. He should be starting in a week or two, depending on how long it takes for them to find a replacement for him in Inkjet (will that be possible)?
We are very pleased about this new opportunity and thank the Lord for his continued blessings!

Matt has reminded me of 4 more signs he knows.....WOW 27!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Family time.....

Josh, Jackie, and the girls stopped on Friday and had lunch with Matt and me on their way to Rochester. I love when the kids are together!

Saturday we celebrated Susan's birthday with cake and ice cream. Uncle Roy came too......If there is cake, he doesn't want to be left out :-)

Sunday turned out to be a horrid day for me. I woke up with a terrible headache in the middle of the night and things went down hill from there. I spent the entire day in bed with the exception of frequent trips to the bathroom.

Today, Josh, Jackie and the girls stopped on the way back home. We went to the mall in Auburn (Jackie's favorite) but left empty handed. We did stop at Payless on the other side of Auburn so the girls could get shoes.....I had promised them on Friday that they could have new shoes when the came on Monday. Susan, Tom and Matt came at 3:30 and we had some cake and ice cream to celebrate Uncle Roy's birthday. Obviously, he came too. The plan was to have a cook out but time was very limited and we decided on ice cream and cake.....OK and chips and juice, cookies and Italian ice!

This is Susan's birthday......Matt thought the cake on Uncle Roy's plate looked better. Actually, he took the frosting off of most of our cakes!
Baby Lauren with Aunt Susan. She is sporting Lael's newest treasure we got at the mall...I guess we did get something after all.
Alyssa and Matt in the "big hole" in our back yard where they removed a tree. This spot is a favorite of Matt's. He runs around the back yard and then yells to me "Matt's in the big hole".

These next two are 4 of my 6 adorable, intelligent grandchildren. Did I mention I love being a grandmother? Did I tell you Lauren is rolling over and saying Mama?

Now honestly, have a ever seen a cuter bunch?