Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tues. update

OK, I will try again. I typed out a post only to have it disappear when I hit publish.

During the night Sat. (about 2am) I woke up in excruciating pain. My knee pain was and still remains minimal. The real pain is in my shin bone and on the opposite side of my knee from the repair. By Mon, I was still unable to put any weight on my right leg and just getting to the bathroom has proved a big trial.

Monday afternoon, on my DH insistence, I called the doctor who assured me what I was feeling was to be expected. She told me that they shoot novocaine into the knee during surgery and then again when surgery is over. What I was feeling was just the novocaine wearing off. She also called in another pain prescription to be used in between the doses of the original pain med. It is helping some but the pain is still more than I had anticipated.

On a lighter note, I did manage to take a shower this morning. My DH will be making Thanksgiving dinner on Thurs for the two of us and Uncle Roy. Yes, he is definitely a keeper. He has decided to take the week off from work as his vacation.......we were planning on using it when Max is born.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well, surgery is over and I must admit that I am definitely feeling all your prayers. For the first time, I had no nausea after anesthesia (yes, I had a local in my knee but also IV so I was asleep for the entire procedure). Another blessing is the pain in my knee and hip are gone. I have pain meds that they gave me but I can manage very nicely with OTC meds. Remember I said I had to get a ice brace for my knee that was $85? Well, that is wonderful. It keeps the ice in place and secured to my knee at all times. There is an extra gel pack to keep in the freezer while one is in use. Right now I must keep it elevated except when I walk to the bathroom. I can walk with no crutches and NO pain. This has been a blessing in disguise. Thank you all again for your prayers.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

surgery scheduled for tomorrow

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:45am. While I am very eager to have my knee repaired, I am beginning to get a little anxious and concerned. I have to feel better, I certainly can not feel worse than I do now but I know that I will have to feel worse (something I did not really consider until lately) before I feel better. It is definitely time to do something. I walked at noon with Matty and my knee went out and I thought I would never get back home. I was in tears when we got here; but I did get here. PTL

Thanks to all who have said they would pray......I really aprreciate your prayers.

Friday, November 10, 2006

update from

Matthew had his 15 mo. check up yesterday. He is "off the charts" as far as height is concerned. He is 33 in. tall and weighs 27#. (I actually thought he was looking thinner lately but he gained 2# and grew an inch in 3 mo.) Yes, he is one big boy. He and Anthony are wearing the same size now so there is not much hand-me-down anymore. (Anthony is 6 mo older than Matty)

I did manage to make Wm. a birthday cake yesterday :-)

edit: here is a picture of Matty enjoying Grampa's birthday cake (I made another one Sat. morning.)
Oh, and did I mention I took it on my new razr camera phone Susan got for me?????? Pretty nice, eh?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to my sweet William

Happy Birthday to my sweet William. He is 60 yr. old today. Wow, I find that very hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday we were our kids age with little kids running around. While I absolutely love being a grandparent, 60 sounds old. Yes, I know that "you are only as old as you feel" (I feel 106, I can barely walk anymore) and "age is relative" (relative to what may I ask) But this is not about me. It is about my DH whom God has blessed me with 30+ yr. ago.

My sister, Susan's birthday was also today and for most of our married life we always shared Wm. and Susan's birthday. She died Christmas day 2002 of a brain aneurysm.

I have not been out shopping to even get a card (this is the first time in 30+ yr. that I did not get one and have it on the table when he got up) and because there is cell group tonight, I am planning to celebrate Wm. birthday on Saturday.

On another note, I never thought I would be actually be looking forward to surgery. I can barely walk anymore. I would just like to be able to walk with Matty or make it though the grocery store in one trip or even just be able to walk around the house without holding on to the walls and cringing with every step I take on my right foot. (just 8 more days)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alyssa's party

Yesterday was Alyssa's party. Susan, Tom and Matty rode with us. I tend to forget from year to year how bad the weather can be in the snowbelt. Granted I have seen it much worse but I was still surprised at the amount of lake effect snow through there. Having lived in Pulaski for seven years this should not really take me off guard like that.

It was so good to see the girls and the 3 hr. drive each way through the snow belt was definitely worth it. Alyssa seemed to have been pleased with all her gifts. She got quite a mix of toys and clothes. One of the gifts Grampa and I got her was a Bible and a Bible bag that said "God's Girl" on it. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and could not wait to give it to her.

Jackie made her an adorable cake (Pablo from the Backyardigans). It had blue frosting and we all were sporting blue lips :-) She did an excellent job with the cake (allergy free) as well as the decorating.

Matthew was checking out Princess Lael's earrings in the fist picture . (Grampa too) The second picture is Lael, Matthew and the birthday girl.

Thought you might think this was as cute as I did. No, he did not go out Trick or Treating......just came to see both sets of grandparents.