Monday, October 29, 2007

weekend update.......

I had a fantastic weekend. We went to Canton to see three of the most beautiful girls anyone ever saw..... our north country princesses. I am awed at Lael's reading and spelling ability. My little golden haired princess will be 4 on the 31st. Her party will be on Saturday. Since Grampa will be working on Saturday (the first of the month) we went up so he could see her.......OK, all of them! I will be coming to her party with Aunt Susan and Matty. I love the way she is with her baby sister. Both girls are so good with Lauren. Lael can even change wet diapers. When did these girls grow up???? Little Lauren is mama's girl but she did let me hold her a little. She let Grampa hold her a little more! Of course, aren't they all partial to him. Matt and Morrigan too. Wm. has never seen Max, so we won't know until 11/10 when we head to NC for a week.
Saturday night we went to Winthrop with Betsy and Kenny Ashley and Deb and Bub Regan for dinner at Goose Landing. We stayed with Betsy and Kenny Sat. night and caught up while I sewed appliques on Lael's jeans. Sunday morning found us at CFC (felt good to be back, see old friends and hear Pastor Rick preach) Don't get me wrong, I love Faith Chapel, but being back at CFC felt like going home again! Because Eric and Jen Trelease were at CFC also, I even got my Eleora "fix" on Sunday morning!
I have still not finished Matt's Bob the builder shirt. He is going to be Bob the Builder for Halloween. This means going to our house and to Grandma and Grandpa Hubbard's house. I bought a yellow sweat shirt and have been sewing orange squares on it for a week. Yes, this may be overkill or a bit excessive but no one else will have a costume like his :-) Besides, what are grammas for anyway if not to cater to every whim their grandchildren have!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

mind of his own

Matt definitely has a mind of his own. Case in point....... yesterday we were raking leaves in the back yard. When I raked them into "his" hole, he got upset, threw down his rake and pulled the hood up on sweatshirt. He said no pictures! I tried anyway, but this is what I got...

Today's pictures were not much better......."Gramma, I said NO pictures!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We did get out new refrigerator on Saturday but there were some complications. I look forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning......this morning, however, I was up at 8 because the delivery man "might" come that early. 8-12 was the projected time of delivery. By 12:01 Wm. was home and wanted to know where the new refrigerator was. He called Lowe's who said the delivery manager was at lunch. Wm. called back at 1 and was told it was on the afternoon delivery truck. They told him that the salesman failed to change the date back to Sat. for the "emergency delivery date". Apparently the delivery program is set up for the next day or the first available date if the next day delivery is filled. (does that make sense?) We could expect delivery between 1 and 5pm. At 6 pm, the truck driver called and asked if we could accept the fridge in the next 30 min. Now, if you know my hubby, you know patience is not his strong suit. By the time it was delivered he was nearly at his wits end.....and then.....yes, there is an "and then"; the fridge was 1/2 in. too wide to fit into place so he had to take down the panel that made it a built in!
Well, we did get it on Saturday, just not when they promised and not without a lot of work to get it in place and not without having our patience tried.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Out of my comfort zone.....

Well, since we moved to Syracuse we have only had one vehicle and Wm. takes that to work. If I had a dr/dentist appt, he would take time off work and take me. This has changed. Once he got the job of Warehouse Mgr, he has worked overtime, worked a lot of Saturdays and he made arrangements with Susan to borrow one of her vehicles so I could use our car for the dr/dental appts. I went to the dr. this morning for a check up, bloodwork and a flu shot....Ok, I can do that. The stretching out of my comfort zone part came after I got home. Wm. called and told me to go to Lowes or Sears and look for a new refrigerator. Yes, ours did die and we did need a new one but for me to go alone was a real stretch. I found the info on our old one, looked up online for what I thought I needed and then went to Lowes. They had one that fit my requirements and it was an Energy Star which means an additional 10% off. I called Wm. at work and he said, if you like it get it. Now, the store has advertised next day delivery and free removal of the old refrigerator. Unfortunately, they were totally booked for tomorrow so could I wait till Sunday? I told them I would look somewhere else first to see if I could not find someone to deliver it tomorrow. They said, wait, we can schedule an emergency delivery for tomorrow morning.
We are now the proud owners of a 21 cu. ft. Whirlpool refrigerator to be delivered tomorrow between 8 and 12.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am still amazed by the things Matt says and does. I love to watch him play with his barn and Noah's ark and make the animal noises and make the people talk. (yesterday he had Noah's wife and he put her on the roof of the ark and called 'Noah, where are you?') I love to watch him dance to music on the TV and videos. He can be playing and not even paying any attention to the TV until he hears some music. Then he jumps up and dances. He loves to dance.
No, he is far from the perfect child.....already this morning he pulled the door off the TV cabinet and while I was putting it back on he knocked over the table in the LR with the marble top and lamp on it. How could a 2 yr. old do that you ask????? climbing on the table to retrieve the "mote" so he could see Thomas. YIKES
The squirrels and blue jays are still coming around. The blue jay took some shelled peanuts yesterday.....what would a bird do with nuts? This morning when we opened the door to let Matt and Susan in we had to stop the squirrel from coming inside. When we lived in Pulaski, we had one get in the house and let me tell you, that was not pretty!
Our fridge seems to be having some kind of problem. When Wm. took the ice cream out of the freezer last night it was melted. Then he pulled the fridge out, vacuumed the coils , put it on a cooler setting but this morning, it was no better. He said he will look at it again tonight and that I should have everything out of it when he gets home.....he has not been getting home until 7 or 8 lately despite going into work early. I had laughed at Dawn Meehan's blog (Because I said so) last week about her broken fridge. Think maybe it is Murphy's Law?

Monday, October 15, 2007


It all started out very innocently. On the days Papa goes to work at his normal time, Matt and I go on the porch and wave and tell him goodbye. Papa flashes his lights, toots the horn and Matthew giggles and waves. On Friday, Matt brought a piece of toast out with him. By the time Papa left, Matt had finished the toast and had only pieces of crust left. He set them on the porch railing while he waved. Almost immediately, a blue jay came a took a piece of toast and then another one came and took a piece. Then a squirrel came and took the last 2 pieces of crust. By this time, Matt was so excited he wanted to go inside and get more food for the birds and squirrels. Once inside he decided he should give the squirrels some nuts from a can Papa had but was not eating because it had no salt on it. We took the can outside and Matt lined nuts up along the railing. Two squirrels came and began to carry away the nuts. We went inside and watched from the front window. Matt was giggling and clapping and despite all the noise, the squirrels were not deterred from their gathering.
After lunch we were sitting on the porch with the can of nuts and a squirrel came right up to me. Matt instructed me to give him a nut and the squirrel took it right out of my hand. We eventually went inside but the squirrel came back and wanted more nuts. So he sat on the back of the chair and tapped on the window. Well, let me tell you, Matt was ecstatic. Yes, we took more nuts out to him and this little ritual continued throughout the afternoon.
When we went to the grocery store on Sat, Wm. bought some shelled peanuts so Matt could put them out for the squirrels. While it is fun to watch Matt with the squirrels, I am afraid to let them eat from his hand. We have compromised by setting the nuts on the railing once they tap on the window to let us know they want more. The problem now looks like they are always there. Once they take the nuts away, they are back for more. This could end up being quite expensive not to mention our contributing to over feeding two squirrels and two blue jays. :-)
It was good to be back in church yesterday.....seemed like forever since I had been there. Actually, it was only 2 Sundays.
We have decided to go to Raleigh to see Morrigan and Max on 11/10. Our original plan was to go down at Thanksgiving but the timing was not a good fit for Wm.'s new job. So our hope is to get to Canton before Alyssa's birthday so Wm. can see the girls. I will come for Alyssa's party with Tom, Susan and Matt because Wm. is working that Saturday. That is becoming more the norm than a once in a while thing. When he worked in Inkjet, he rarely worked overtime not to mention I could count on one hand the Saturdays he worked in the previous 2 yr. Now, he seems to be going in earlier, working later and Saturdays. He is much happier with this job and that is what is important to me.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the final episode

OK, yesterday was my dental appt. for the extraction as well as the addition of the tooth to my exsisting bridge. I had the tooth extracted and the only complication was that it did not stop bleeding. The dentist first thought that the gel would be enough to stop it.....two stitches later it was still bleeding. It did eventually stop, (some 5 hr. later) PTL. Now I am trying to shake off the headache I always get when I have Novocaine. The bridge worked out very well......I am sure it will be less painful when the socket is healed......l0l!

Today when Matt wanted me to build him a tent with the cushions from the couch, I remembered that in the cellar was a Dora and Boots tent the girls had at our house. Oh, my, what a hit that was. He spent the remainder of the morning in there, giggling and peeking out so see if I was watching him. Wish I had thought of it before maybe last year.

Friday, October 05, 2007

the ongoing saga

Just in case you have been wondering about how I made out with my is the ongoing saga.....................
They took impressions on Tues and I was supposed to be getting the roots/ remainder of my tooth out and the new tooth added to my existing bridge on Fri. The dentist office called on Wed. to say the lab was not happy with the way the impressions came out and I had to come in yesterday to have new impressions made. I did that but needless to say, it will not be ready on Friday but not until Mon. Another weekend with no front tooth. YIKES. And if that was not enough, the glue will no longer hold it in!

Monday, October 01, 2007

weekend update

Saturday morning found Wm. at work and I got to sleep in.....I love Saturdays. Actually, I just feel so tired that I welcome anytime I can sleep in.
I broke off my front tooth (at the gum line) when I was eating leftover pizza for breakfast. YIKES! First panic set in, I don't do well in emergency situations. Anyway, once I got over the initial shock, I began calling around to find some one to look at it. There are some emergency care dentists listed in the yellow pages but no one could look at it then. Out of sheer desperation, I super glued it back in place. Now, before you get all excited and think I have absolutely lost my mind, I will tell you that my tooth had broken off before. They had done a root canal, so there was no pain and the tooth I broke off now was a composite, bonded tooth.
When Wm. got home, we went to pick up Susan and Matthew to go to the apple farm. It was great. We usually get apples over near where Susan lives. Abbott's Apple Farm had apples, a store with ice cream and all kinds of apple desserts and of course hot cider. They had animals, goats, sheep, pigs, calves and rabbits for the kids to pet and feed. I am not sure who had a better time, Matt or Papa.
Still wondering about the tooth? The super glue fix only lasted until we got home from the farm. Needless to say, I was not in church yesterday. My appointment is tomorrow morning.
Thank you Lord that I was not in pain.