Friday, May 26, 2006

Another week

Well, Josh and Jackie were bringing the girls down this weekend but had to cancel :-( That is most disappointing. On the other hand, Lael's birthday is in just a little over 2 weeks and we will see the girls then. I found a really neat gift. The Christmas Tree Shop has wooden adirondak chairs for kids, the one I am getting for Lael is pink with a princess painted on the back. I will get it tomorrow after I get my hair cut. (yes, I am getting 2, that kinda goes without saying) Betsy and Kenny came down to open Betsy's sister's pool this weekend. We all went to dinner tonight at Red Lobster and tomorrow she will cut my hair. I know, I should find a hairdresser down here but hey, don't rush me, it has only been 10 mo.

Wm. came home from work early today. We took Matty to Skaneateles to see Wm's mother. She was very happy to see us, and was eager to watch Matty run through his repertoire. His sister Karen came in and Matty has only seen her once before but he crawled over to her and put up his hands, she picked him up and he hugged her and then gave her a kiss!

The weather today was much better than the forcast. It rained early on but was very warm and muggy here most of the day. We were able to get in a walk.

On June 4th, the church (Faith Chapel) is having their 17th anniversary. The service will be outside under a tent followed by barbque (pulled pork, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and desserts galore) There will be special music, games, bounce house, pony rides and here is something you may want to put into practice at CFC this summer, a dunking booth for the pastors and deacons!
This is a FRANtastic event which stands for Friends,Relatives, Associates, Neighbors, (who we invite to share it with us.) This is all provided at no charge. So if you are planning to be in Syracuse on June 4th, feel free to come! Wish the girls could be here (I know, I am whining again. I will see them in few short weeks)

I am hoping to get a chance to get some of the things I wanted to work on outside, done this weekend. I want to get the porch and deck pressure washed and painted or stained, some landscaping done etc. While Wm. hates to shop, going to Lowes and Home Depot are easily tolerated. He won't even mind going to Christmas Tree Store as we will be getting things for his girls. I did some shopping for Miss Lael last weekend with Susan and Matty.

Update: just returned from the Christmas Tree Shop; actually had to fight for the last pink princess adirondak chair. The one for Alyssa is pale green with a butterfly on the back.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

a lot about nothing.........

Well, today I hit a new low. Matty and I were actually out walking at 8:30am. I am not a morning person, never have been. I was grateful that Susan brings the baby here and I that I can stay in my pajamas until a more reasonable hour. That is much too early but I knew it would be raining this afternoon and did not want to miss out on walking. It actually stayed sunny long enough for us to get 2 of our usual 3 walks in before the thunder storms came.

IMS (Immediate Mail Service) initiated an employee of the month today at their picnic lunch. In case you haven't guessed by now, Wm. was the employee of the month. He got a gift card to Tully's and the bosses from upstairs came down to tell him that his work had not gone unnoticed. Wm. told us during dinner tonight....just matter of fact. He is really not phased by this at all. I am. I think it is significant and shows that he still gives 100% in his job.

Just in case you were hoping for an update of, here it is. Yesterday Matty learned to open the cupboard doors in the kitchen (I know, time to baby proof my house) He was in the walker and I went to change the paper in the printer so I could print out a picture and he did not follow me (very out of character for him) so by the time I got back into the kitchen( no more than 3 minutes) he was dragging a kitchen stool around the kitchen. Yes, he was in the walker, the 30" stool was tipped back and he was holding onto the ties of the seat cushion, dragging it around on the two back legs. He is still chasing poor Zoe around the house with his walker. He shreiks with delight as she runs through the house with him in hot pursuit. Susan has been trying to get him to wave and he wants no part of it. This morning when Grampa was leaving for work, he told Matty goodbye and waved to him. Matty waved back. Now, just to be sure it was not a fluke thing, Grampa waved again and so did Matty, grinning from ear to ear.

I wish the girls lived closer, I would like to take them to the zoo to see the penguin exhibit. Actually, there are a lot of places I would like to take them so I will just have to keep hoping they are able to come soon. It is hard, Syracuse and Canton are only 2 1/2 hr. close and yet so far.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Special Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was excellent beginning with church. We are going to become members next Sunday. (we took the membership class last October) I have to tell this story here: When we arrived at church a CD was playing before the service started. Wm. went back to ask if the CD was Derek's and it was. I should not have been surprised as Faith Chapel is an Elim Church, but I was none the less.

Susan and Matty came over for dinner. Wm. cooked some steaks on the grill and we had baked potatoes, salad and strawberry shortcake. We opted for eating at home as we would have had a long wait no matter where we went for dinner as not only was it Mother's Day but SU graduation. Susan took us to Tassone's for dinner tonight instead for my Mother's Day gift. Monday night is all you can eat crab legs! Oh, I love crab legs.

Both my sons called me to wish me Happy Mother's Day. So, Morrigan, Lael and Alyssa wished me Happy Mother's Day. All three of the girls told me the four best words a grandmother can ever hear......."I love you, Gramma". 3 out of 4; and someday I will hear Matty say those words too!

Matty is crawling now and he has learned to move the walker in every direction. He spent a good part of the afternoon running up and down the hall after Zoe. Poor Zoe, it didn't take long to wear her out....after all, Bassets are not known for running (and she will be 8 in Dec.)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And the tradition continues

He started when Lael was little and he would take her for a walk around the block, stopping at the gas station where they would have ice cream. Later it was Lael, Alyssa and Grampa going for a walk everytime Grampa came over. It got so that when we came over Lael would say "Grampa, lets go for a walk".....which seemed to be a code for let's get some ice cream. :-)
Today, Grampa came home from work 15 minutes early and took Matthew for a walk. No, not to the gas station but the ice cream truck came through the neighborhood just then. I was on the back deck when I heard the music from the ice cream truck and by the time I got to the front porch, they were sitting out there having Lael's favorite: a push up. By the time his mother came to pick him up his face was covered in rainbow sherbet; with the biggest grin I ever saw.
And so the tradition continues.......

For the latest news from Matty has 6 teeth now but is cutting his eye teeth and two more on the bottom, making for one cranky little boy. He was at the dr. office a week ago for his 9 mo. check up. He is 23# and 29 3/4". He weighs the same now as Anthony and is only a couple of inches shorter. Remember, Anthony is 6 mo. older than Matthew.

Got a Mother's Day card from my sweet girls today! Fantastic printing girls!!!

With all the talk of everyone working on their gardens and yards started me thinking that I would like to put in some landscaping around the yard. I have always had Jackie to tell me what to put in and to help show me which were flowers and which were weeds. No, I don't have a green thumb. I think mine is brown. Now with the weekend forcast calling for rain, I am not sure when I will be able to work on the yard. I was thinking today about how much I miss having a lilac bush when Jackie was talking about her's being overflowing with blooms; when the next door neighbor gave me a large bunch. That was an unexpected blessing.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great Weekend

* It was a great weekend. We stopped to see the girls first and gave them their treasures. I needed to be at Betsy's so we could leave at 12:30 for the Red Hat event in Hanawa Falls. I was very pleasantly surprised at this. There were quite a few different chapters there. I think they said 114 red hatters. (including Potsdam's former mayor; and you will never beleive this: she was not wearing a hat!) It was very well organized and put together.

*I loved seeing the girls. Grampa spent the entire day with them while I went to the Red Hats. We did a little shopping when I came back and after church on Sunday we went to Ponderosa (at Lael's request). Grampa took the girls to Burger King for lunch on Saturday which was Alyssa's choice. I can not say enough how good it was to see the girls. They are growing so much and getting more adorable every time I see them.

*I was very happy to be back at CFC. You are very blessed to have Pastor Rick. It was so good seeing old friends. I have missed you all. The only trouble with coming back to the north country is there never seems to be enough time to see everyone and do everything I wanted to do. We were blessed to stay with the Ashley's; we do so miss them so.

*When I was telling a story about Matthew at dinner on Sunday, Josh told me he must have read it on I did not realize I was talking so much about him. In my defense, I am with him 5 days a week from 7:30 - 5:30 and usually spend Saturdays with Susan and Matthew. (You know how Wm. hates toting me around and Susan does not seem to mind). When I told her what Josh said she laughed and said all my emails before I moved down here were about Lael and Alyssa.

*I told you I love being a grandmother!