Monday, February 26, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

:: I'm home. Glad to be home but sorry to leave the warm weather behind. We left Raleigh in 60 degree weather and in our shirt sleeves to come home to even more snow than when we left.

:: The trip down was on time and uneventful. I can not say the same for the way home. The plane from Raleigh to DC was late leaving Raleigh because it was late arriving in Raleigh from Washington. Anyway, I asked if we would still be able to make our connection and my answer was "It won't be a problem". Then as we sat on the plane in DC waiting for a gate, some man said "Oh no, there goes our connecting flight to Syracuse." Yes, it was our flight too. Someone else remarked that "there are no more flights out of Washington to Syracuse that are not totally booked." Well, I know if I had been alone, I no doubt would have cried. Susan said "It will take a miracle" and I started praying. And, yes, we did get the last 2 seats on a plane that was leaving Washington at 5pm. What a blessing that was! So we had our miracle and a $10 voucher for food. (Unfortunately, we could not find a vendor who accepted vouchers but what is important was that we got a seat)

There were people on the plane that said they had been trying to get home from NC for 24 hr.

:: There was something about the flight down. I looked up from my seat as the last of the passengers were boarding and guess what? Jeff McGrath from Potsdam was on the same flights to Raleigh. I did get to chat a few minutes in PA while waiting for the flight to Raleigh.

:: As for Morrigan's birthday party, well I can not begin to tell you what it was like to be in room with 15 five year olds. Oh, did I mention the party was at Pump it Up? That is a place where the rooms have bouncy house, giant slide and another slide you had to go through a maze before you could slide. There was also soccer, basketball and air hockey. Once you had enough bouncing and yes, even 5 year olds eventually reach their limit, you went to another room for cake and opening of gifts.

:: We were not the only guests who stayed with Jon and Donna this weekend. It was definitely a full house, lots of laughs and I for one was overwhelmed. I know, it does not take much to get me overwhelmed, but with 6 extra house guests and Donna's family, who is now in Raleigh, there, what would you expect.

:: I would be amiss if I did not mention how well we ate all weekend. Donna's sister, Terry, from Syracuse, was down for 10 days and she was doing a lot of the cooking. We had fantastic meals and the freezer is loaded with leftovers for when everyone is gone. Jon usually cooks but this time all he did were breakfasts.

my sweet little Max

Susan and Jon (notice the wave) at the throne

part of Pump It Up!

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm off

:: Just waiting here for Susan to pick me up on our way to the airport. Yes, today is the day we leave for Raleigh. Today I will see my newest grandbaby and my little princess. Tomorrow Morrigan will have her 5th birthday party.
While I do not like flying, there is little choice when you only have a few days. Besides, Susan will be with me and I am sure you will all be praying for safe travel.

:: I will be back on Monday night with some pictures. Another good thing about going to Raleigh is that the temps will be in the 60's this weekend. Oh, I am so looking forward to that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


:: Yep, this is post #101....and isn't that exciting?

:: We left for Canton at 7am yesterday. The plan was to actually leave but 6:30 but hey, only 30 min. off schedule at that time in the morning was remarkable for me. I am not a morning person. I dosed off just after Sandy Creek. When I woke up, we were in Watertown and it was snowing hard. Wm. said it had been since just after I fell asleep. We drove out of it around Antwerp. The trip home today was great and for the most part, roads were dry and bare. We do have have quite a bit more snow than in Canton though.

:: The wedding was great. Elizabeth made a beautiful bride. We did go to the reception for a while....OK, so I was anxious to see the "girls". They were anxious to see us too as Josh had called us 4x's while we were at the reception. (no one got any cell phone service up there, the reception was in Parishville) They had a buffet for the adults at the reception.....for the kids, they had Pizza Hut deliver individual pizzas. Isn't that a terrific idea?

:: I had a wonderful time with the girls. Yes, it was short but we made the most of it. Sat. night we went to the dollar store (fun for Gramma and the girls; I think Grampa and Mama and Daddy would have been just as happy to have eaten first) from there it was Ponderosa, Lael's favorite (Gramma loves the buffet, so many choices, so little time). This morning we went to church with them. We left from Ogdensburg for home. (down 37 to Watertown......clear sailing, hop on 81 and you're home!)

:: Just a few more days to get my bag packed and things together for the trip to Raleigh. Susan and I leave on Fri. Feb. 23 and return on Mon. Feb. 26. Morrigan's party is on Sat. I am eager to see baby Max and Morrigan as well as Jon and Donna. Seems like forever (actually it was 8 mo).

Friday, February 16, 2007

Still snowing.......

:: Yes, it is still, not as bad as Oswego and Mexico but Wm. has been snowblowing (for the first time this year, he likes to shovel but the snow is just too heavy) two or three times a day to keep up with it. They have closed the Thruway exit at 39, just a mile from our house this morning for some reason, I am not exactly sure why. To make matters worse, it is also blowing. Schools, churches and business have been closed for days.....(no not Susan's or Wm's places of employment) but even doctors offices are closing. Watching TV is very distracting because of the constant stream of closings running across the bottom of the screen.

:: Tomorrow is Elizabeth Regan's wedding and we were supposed to be coming up for it. I was excited as it was also a chance for me to see the girls, who I miss terribly. Anyway, Wm. said that if the weather does not improve we are not going. I can not blame him for not wanting to drive in this......I would NEVER do it. Driving in the snow never used to bother me....lately, driving at all in any weather is not my favorite.

:: I know we have no control over the weather. I dislike it. Not just because I am freezing, but I am very afraid of falling and breaking something. Most of the bones I have broken (and there are many) came from falling in this kind of weather. I would personally be content to just stay in my little house and hibernate until spring. Unrealistic you say, yes, I know there are times when we need to go out in this.

:: So until all this snow stops, I will be here praying spring comes soon. I just want to be warm again.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I am pleased to introduce Max Thompson Potter. His middle name is my maiden name. I am very excited about that......even more anxious to get down to see him. Donna was scheduled to be induced on Thurs. Feb. 15. Her water broke Sat. morning. So without further adieu:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Drum roll, please

:: Drum roll please......
I am pleased to announce the birth of grand-baby #5: Max was born a little after 4pm and weighed 7lb. 5oz. Mama and baby both doing well. Thank you for your prayers. I will update as soon as Jon and Donna get home from the hospital with Max and send us some pictures and more details.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm a little teapot

:: I have a teapot collection. No, I didn't decide to become a collector, I just had a few from my mother, my grandmothers, and my aunt. I had them in a hutch in Canton and when people got to know me, the would bring me new and unusual teapots. I must be up to about 18+ now. When we moved to this house, there was no place to put the hutch. I was at a loss as to what to do with my teapots. I found that I had room enough for 12 to sit on top of the kitchen cabinets. Only 12, well that would be OK, I could rotate from the collection and still have a nice display. Lately, I have been regretting that I was able to fit 12 up there. No, they look great. The problem is that I had been teaching Matty some of the songs like "itsy, bitsy spider", "pat a cake" and yes, I'm a little teapot. You guessed it! Now every time we go into the kitchen, I have to "do" I' a little teapot with each of the 12 pots. Now, who is the smart one in this picture?????? certainly not Gramma. But he does love it and laughs and does the actions himself now.

:: Certainly looked like my girls had a wonderful time at the water park in Canada yesterday. There are pictures on the flickr and/or Jackie's blog. I do miss them so. I can not wait until next week when we come for the wedding so I can see them if only for a little while.

:: We have been rethinking the trip to NC. Yes, we are still going.......with both the new baby and Morrigan's birthday we really have no choice but to go and we would not want to miss either anyway! What we decided is that with Max being only a few days old, Donna's parents and family being there, not to mention Morrigan's birthday party, that it may be a bit too hectic to take Matty along this time. We have decided to stay only 4 days (remember I said that fish and house guests both start to stink after 5 days). Morrigan really wanted Grampa to come down for her birthday, he has never missed one until now. However, this job is not like the others he has had. He used up his vacation and taking time off, even without pay, is frowned upon. Personal days......surely you jest......not here!

"Got anymore chocolate pudding left, Gramma?"

Monday, February 05, 2007

more ramblings from an old fat grandmother

:: The weather has changed here for the worse, like everywhere else. Yes, it probably could be worse precipitation wise, but we have the corner on the blowing. I thought we were very cold until Will told me that it was -31 windchill in Canton. No, that is one thing I do not miss.

:: My sweet boy is doing better since his shots, swelling and fever have subsided. He has learned to open one of the much for my idea of corralling him in the LR. He opens the gate, runs down the hall to the bathroom and wants to brush his teeth, even more often than before. Not much gets by him anymore. The first 3 times this morning I put his toothpaste on his brush but then I thought I would just wet it for him. Well, he immediately knew the difference and climbed up on the toilet to reach the shelf where I keep his toothpaste. So much for me trying to outsmart an 18 mo. old.

::This morning he wanted an egg for did I know you ask when he has a limited vocabulary? He got out a frying pan, then opened the fridge and handed me an egg......was that clear enough for you? Yeah, me too! I thought I could give him an oatmeal bar and cheerios and give him an egg for lunch. Ha! He ate the oatmeal bar and the cheerios, drank his milk.....this just may work, I thought when he got out the frying pan and the egg and pushed me towards the stove. Yes, I gave in (hey, I am a grandmother, that is my job) So, he ate his second breakfast, brushed his teeth yet again, and is now napping. That was a plus, no tears at nap time.

:: Liz's wedding is the 17th. I just finished the tray with her invitation . Not sure I am happy with it. Also made a blanket for Matty (he has been carrying around Uncle Josh's afghan from when he was a baby, so I thought this would be easier for him to carry, not so guessed it, he carries them both around. He wants to rock in the afternoon while we read and both the blanket and afghan are between he and I!