Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Ramblings.........

Jon and his family have gone back home to Raleigh, our little house is quiet once more and Matthew and I are trying to get back into our routine.

I dislike having only one bathroom, difficult when there are 2 families here but not impossible.

Loved having them here.....seeing them only twice a year is not nearly enough. Morrigan got to the Zoo and she had her picture taken with Matthew at Wal*Mart. The only things she really wanted to do was to have her picture taken with Lael and Alyssa and she wanted to spend time with them. Guess there is always next year. I really wanted my grandchildren to know each other but with Jon's family in Raleigh and Josh's in Canton their time together is rare at best.

We did have a family get together at Stephanie and Michael's house. Her house is only a little bigger than ours and it was packed. It was fun to see the kids (Matthew, Morrigan and Anthony ) together.

Thanks to Jackie and Danica, I now know what the plants are. I had no idea where to even look for the answer.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

They're here.........

Jon, Donna and my little southern princess arrived last night. Today I had Matty, and Morrigan was big help with him. We had lunch at Dinosaur BBQ; wow, that is the best BBQ. Matthew was excellent and a hit with the waitresses.
Donna's sister and nephews joined us for lunch. After lunch I had the opportunity of touring Terry's home and giving her some decorating suggestions; something I have not had the opportunity to do for a while. Although, some people from church have asked me if they could hire me. :-)

The trip to the zoo is scheduled for tomorrow. No, I am not going. It is supposed to rain and I am not one for treking through the zoo in the rain. Susan took the day off so she and Matty can go as did Stephanie so she can take Anthony. Matthew and Morrigan are getting their picture taken together tomorrow morning.

This is a picture of Morrigan and Matty when they took their tubby this afternoon.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Three out of four ain't bad......

We went to Lael's party on Saturday. When did she get so grown up.....5 yr. old, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital waiting for her arrival.

It was a very nice Jonesy's Ranch in Ogdensburg. We rode on the wagon over some very rough and muddy ground. We got to see some new baby elk. The kids got to ride on a horse too. I am posting the pictures as I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to see three of my four grandchildren riding the horse (OK, Matty did not ride, but it made for a great photo op)

The grandparents from both sides were there as well as Jackie's brother and his twin boys, and Josh's sister Susan (and Tom) and our sweet little Matty. (who by the way, did quite well on the three hour trip despite not sleeping on the way up)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Over for another year........

Well, I got a lot of calls and cards today wishing me a happy birthday. That was very nice, and some were very unexpected.

We went to Kirby's tonight for dinner. Susan, Tom, Matty and Uncle Roy went with us. I chose Kirby's because you can get a free steak dinner if you eat there on your actual birthday. Don't care for steak???? You can have something else if you prefer. I had chicken parm. I love it, can never finish it but Zoe always can. She must be an Italian basset hound as she loves lasagna, spaghetti etc.

Matty was very good, eating off of everyone's plate. At one point he reached over and took his mother's entire steak. :-) No, he didn't eat any but it was good for a laugh.

We all came back here for cake, ice cream and singing, as Wm. had made a carrot cake last night.

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed or blogged their birthday greetings. It is good to feel loved.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Anyone know?

This is a part of the new bed we put in at the front of our house. Does anyone know what the plant is that is next to the rock and in front of the pink impatiens? I have three of them that were in the back yard that we transplanted to this new bed in front. I really like the way they look, just wondered what they were.

I received a birthday card from my girls this afternoon. Am looking forward to seeing them on Saturday! Just a few more days.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Aren't we all glad I learned how to download pictures to my blog?

Yesterday Matthew Thomas Hubbard was baptized. He was such a good boy. After he was baptized, the pastor carried him around the church so everyone could meet him.......he just smiled and waved. It really was cute. (maybe it was a location thing, as in you had to be there)

Perhaps I should pack my camera now for the weekend so I do not forget it..


Fantastic news! I am going to be a gramma again. :-) Jon just called and Donna is pregnant. This is a special blessing as she "lost" a baby earlier this year. Jon, Donna and Morrigan will be here next week for Donna's nephew's high school graduation.

More later, this was just such exciting news, I wanted to get it right out!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where has the time gone?

Very difficult to believe that it is nearly the middle of June. Well, Jackie is not happy with being 28.......try turning that is old! My birthday is the day after Jackie and Lael's. I am so excited about going up for Lael's party next Saturday. You can not possibly realize how much I miss those girls. We saw them nearly every day when we lived in Madrid and now months go by without seeing them. I realize this was trade off and it was my choice to move here and as I said before, every time I look into Matty's little face, I know I made a good choice. I still miss the girls.

All of Lael's birthday gifts are wrapped and waiting to go. Aunt Susan and Uncle Tom are bringing Matthew up. Stephanie wants to come with Anthony but is not sure she can afford the gas her Expedition would use. I would like for them to come as I feel it is important for families to stay in touch.

Now just in case you are waiting for an update from :-)
He is very vocal now; especially screaming and squealing with delight. He has crawling down pat and is walking around holding on to things. He is happiest when Grampa holds his hands and lets him walk through the house. There were workmen out in front of our house yesterday. He was at the window most of the time they were here (when we were not on the front porch). He was hollering and waving at the workmen and they were waving back. When we came out on the porch, they came up to talk to him.

I am very impressed with the fund raiser that Jackie's mom group did at Wal* Mart today......good job, Jackie.