Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

* This has been a whilwind weekend for me. Saturday was a baby shower for Dana (Wm's neice). Susan and I went and took Matthew. He made a big hit with all there, especially when he took a little power nap in Hannah-Leah's new bassinet, which he just managed to fit in. The shower ended at 5pm and at 6pm we came home to pick up our husbands and we off to dinner at Tassones with the other side of the family. Matthew and Anthony were both very well behaved. Jason (my sister's son) was here from Burlington with his girlfriend. We had never met her before and had the opportunity to do that.

* Sunday was Anthony's first birthday. Stephanie and Michael had the party at Michael's parents' house. Now there was a party that was definitely over the top. There were 40 people there and it was catered. It was fun to see the little cousins interact with each other. Anthony was the oldest and Matthew was a day older than Aidan, and he outweighed him by quite a bit. Aidan however, had been bigger at birth. Funny! During the picture taking, Matthew kept putting his arm around the other two. Too cute!

*Today was a gorgeous day....record high of 54 and sunny. (It was so nice in fact that Matthew and I took a little walk. Just to the corner and back but when I tried to take him out of the stroller he screamed, so we kept walking.) I know that this will change as the week progresses. The cold and snow is moving in.....I knew it had to happen sometime but I have been perfectly happy with the mild temps and green grass. Reality check, Linda, you still live in NY and it is still January!

*I had hoped that we would be able to spend the weekend in the north country but the weather forecast does not look too favorable. In fact, at 6pm, they said the travel north this weekend would be bad.....YUCK.....I did so want to see my precious girls....I miss them so much.

*We have the opportunity to go to Raleigh for Morrigan's birthday. Donna called and she really wants us to be there....we have not missed one yet.....she said they would send us airplane tickets if we would come....PTL. Because of his job, we would have to go on Fri. night and come home on Monday......we'll see.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Ramblings

*I find it hard to believe that it is already January 24th. Where did the time go? It doesn't even look like January, there is a dusting of snow but for the most part, the lawn is mainly grass. I do not like the snow; hard to beleive from someone who lived in Pulaski; but then that is another story altogether.

*Matthew is still trying to cut his teeth. He spends most of time chewing on everything he can. He is more interested in chewing on the nipple than taking his bottle and chewing on his spoon rather than actually eating. I feel bad there is not much I can do to help him. Doesn't matter how cranky he is during the day, there is always a big smile for Grampa when he gets home.

*Well, our computer is still down. Wm. thinks that it probably can be fixed. I, on the other hand, do not.....but then what I actually know about computers could fit in a thimble. Yes, I am computer challenged. We know other people who have spent a small fortune on repairing their computers and I think it would be like throwing good money after bad. Right now it is totally useless, it will not even boot up so we can not get the old files, pictures, etc off. We are blessed to have Susan's notebook (unfortunately we have no access to our address book) so unless you are in Susan's address book, or send me a note first, I am unable to send out any emails.

*Again, I am thinking about the grandchildren and how much I miss Lael, Alyssa and Morrigan. True, it is wonderful to be with Matthew but the reality has finally set in that we will probably not be able to go to NC for Morrigan's 4th birthday next month. This will be the first one we have missed. Wm. has always been able to take time off when he wanted to but this job is different. I really do not see them giving him a week off to go to NC after only working there for 3 mo. Stranger things have happened I suppose :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


*Our computer died on Saturday. Susan loaned us her notebook so we can check our email etc. I guess you do not think about something unless you no longer have it. Strange, how I just took it for granted; I could come in the office anytime, and it would be on.

*Matthew is still trying to get his teeth in. He has been cranky much of yesterday and today. This is very out of character for him....he is usually such a happy baby. I feel so bad that there is nothing I can do for him. He has been gnawing on everything he can get his mouth around, including Gramma's shoulder.

*Our 60 degree temps on Friday have given way to snow and cold temps Sun. and Mon. and today it is freezing rain. I was really beginning to like the warm weather. Reality check.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

* Did I mention how much I love being a Grandmother?
And of course, mine are absolutely the most adorable and most intelligent grandchildren ever :-) Last night when Susan came to pick up Matthew, we were discussing the fact that we thought he was adorable but other people have stopped us in the mall, at church, etc. to tell us how beautiful he was. She called from Tassone's last night. Seems they went out to dinner with Stephanie, Michael and their 11 mo. old son, Anthony. Someone came up to Susan and told her that Matthew was so beautiful, he should be in commericals. See, he really is adorable. Maybe it's those cheeks.....that is the first thing people seem to comment on. OK, now I know what you are thinking, spoken like a grandmother. Last weekend when Josh and Jackie were here, Jackie said he had beautiful fact, she said they were so long they looked like he had fake eyelashes. I love spending the days with Matthew, watching him grow and learn new things daily. That said, I miss the girls terribly. I look forward to visits but the time we spend together is much too short.

* Our cozy little house was filled again on Sunday afternoon for dinner. This is a little awkward since we have no table......OK, we have a table but it is downstairs (no room up here) The plan in the beginning was to put the dining room furniture down in one end of the family room. There is counter in the kitchen with stools so right now that is where we have to eat, or on tray tables in the living room. On Thanksgiving we moved our table upstairs but that is too much work for Sunday dinners. I need a solution.

* The weather here has been beautiful. It is January and the temperature is 49. The weather report said rain for tomorrow but sun on Thur. and Fri. with a high of 55. I love it. Unfortunately, snow on Sun. and a high of 28. I shall enjoy the good weather while it is here.

* I have not taken the kissing ball down; I know what I said, but Matthew loves the lights. Besides, when I made it last year I did it with artificial greens. I still see wreaths up after Christmas, why not a kissing ball!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year - New Beginnings

I am grateful that the New Year offers new beginnings.....we have another chance to make new resolutions and rework the ones we didn't complete last year. Yes, I know that we have that chance every day but there is something about the New Year that makes it feel "official".

I have begun with spending more time in my devotions and prayer time (grateful that Matthew takes a nap); back to reading the Bible in a year, but this time with a different program than before; and I am determined to eat better, and exercise more. The hard part here is that this cozy little house has no place for my treadmill and it is downstairs in what is supposed to be the family room.....right now it is more like a storage room for all the stuff that didn't fit on this floor when we moved. Let me rephrase is not being down there among the boxes that is hard, but just getting down there. Last year the doctor in Canton took me off the arthritis medication and I am OK with that considering all the side effects. With no medicaiton it is very painful to go down stairs to say nothing of using the treadmill once I am down there.

I still have to finish the sewing I projects I alluded to before. Eventually, I suppose.......

Monday, January 02, 2006

wonderful weekend

I can not tell you how blessed I was by this weekend. Josh and Jackie were here with the girls for the weekend. Josh help Wm. insulate the attic. (thanks, dear) Now while Josh coming to help is father insulate was in and of itself a blessing, the real blessing came for me in having 3 of my 4 grandchildren together.

Saturday, we went to the mall while the guys worked. We had a great time shopping and having lunch. It was so enjoyable to spend the day with my daughter and daughter in law and my grandchildren. We did find some great bargins, ie, the girls cowboy boots! I am not sure who was more tired, the baby, the girls or gramma.

Sunday was wonderful.....Josh, Jackie and the girls as well as Susan and baby Matthew joined us at church. I was truly blessed. After church, we were planning dinner at home (not sure how much planning there was to this as I only went to the store after church) Because Josh and Jackie decided to leave for home Sunday afternoon, (because of the weather between Syr. and Watertown) I opted for sandwiches. (Lael said it was a buffet, and I guess it really was) Wm's parents and Uncle Roy also joined us, as did Susan's husband. Tom.

I had thought that the new house was small.....I have decided it is cozy. We had it filled but really not crowded. Today the decorations were taken down, actually the Christmas tree got knocked over yesterday. No, it was not that bad, it was a tabletop tree and I had it on the window seat. OK, I did leave the kissing ball up. Matthew loves the lights (me too) but if you saw his picture on Jackie's blogspot, who would not want to kiss those cheeks.

I am in awe of Lael. I think she is 4 going on 20. She was very mothering with Matthew and she helped me make dinner on Saturday night and then she cut vegetables and made a shrimp cocktail for the buffet. She did as much work as I did trying to pull something together in a hurry. I am sure you will think I am the typical proud grandmother, but she carries on a conversation like an adult.....not a 4 yr. old. My sweet little Alyssa was adorable as she tried to hold Matthew and helped feed him his bottle, he is almost a big as she is. I do miss them so since the move down here.

I was definitely motivated by Pastor Lee's message yesterday. I am making a plan for the new year and William shall hold me accountable. I need more of Him!