Monday, March 13, 2006

Update on the weekend

*Wasn't the weather on the weekend fantastic? We took advantage of it and went to Canton to see Josh, Jackie and "the girls". By we, I mean Wm. and myself of course, but we took Susan and Matthew along with us. What fun to have 3 of my 4 grandchildren together. I love it.....did I mention how much I love being a gramma? I love watching the older ones interact with Matthew. Lael was a huge help with Matthew and Alyssa helped feed him his bottle. Josh bbqed and Jackie made macaroni salad and cole slaw and deviled eggs. She had a made a variety of bagels and had them waiting for us when we arrived. She enjoys entertaining and she is very good at it. Bagels were fantastic.

* I definitely need prayer....I start watching Anthony this week. He was here this afternoon just to get used being here with Matty and me. He fell right into the big boy role, even at 13 mo. It was a riot to watch him go to Matty and hug him if he started crying or pat him and kiss his cheek. They we both sitting in the big rocker together and decided to put their arms around each other......I wished I had had a camera in the LR but of course leaving them to run and get it was not an option. My brain seems to already be fried today. I put a roast together and turned on the oven to preheat during nap time and it was not until I went to the kitchen at 5 pm to get Anthony a drink, that I realized I never put the roast in the oven.

* I was so excited that Matthew got a tooth last Thurs. but on the way home from Canton, Susan found a second one had come through.

*My life seems to get more hectic every day. I would like nothing more than to be able to come to Canton and stay long enough to see some of you and to get to go to CFC on Sunday morning. I guess are planning to come up the last weekend of April. (Mark your calendars!)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


*Halleluiah, Matthew finally cut his tooth. This has been so long in coming, I was beginning to wonder if it ever really would come.

* We are considering a trip north Saturday...we have not decided if we will stay the weekend or not....just know that I am really missing the girls.

* Jackie, I did check on the Dora, pirates, at the Landmark in May. It is only on two week nights. As far as the zoo goes, it is open every day except 3; Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's. I think waiting until the snow leaves is probably wisdom.

* And to all of you who read the Mitford series books, you are right, they are so good.....I hate putting them down. It has certainly been a blessing for Betsy to loan me the entire series.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm home

* I'm home! Loved the sunshine and the warm weather but like I always tell guests and fish both begin to stink after 5 days. :-) The best part was being with family. Morrigan has grown up considerably since Thanksgiving. (I am all about Barbie now, Gramma)

* Flight down had a lot of turbulance, we had a commuter flight and winds were in excess of 30 mph. Flight back was much better and we had a bigger plane, still commuter though. I have to admit, I was quite calm the entire time we were in the air. Thank you for your prayers.

* Morrigan's birthday party was the coldest day we had down there. The sun was beautiful and the kids didn't seem to notice it felt cold. There were 17 kids and pony rides, many varieties of chickens, pot belly pigs, etc. The kids had the time of their lives. There were Barbie and princess presents and even a Barbie bride cake.

* Monday we had the chance to spend the entire day with Morrigan. We tried to take her to the play area in the new mall but it was closed for cleaning. We were forced to make a day of shopping! We had lunch out and after supper we went along while she had her tumbling and then dance classes. It was a 1/2 hr. of tumbling and balance beams, etc. and then another 1/2 hr. of tap and ballet.

* We left on Tuesday morning but the sun was already shining brightly. It was 65 there today and Fri. it should reach a high of 80.

* I enjoyed our time with Jon, Donna and Morrigan but missed my sweet Matthew. Seems that Grandma Hubbard took good care of him while I was gone. I was very excited to have him again this morning. We fell right back into our routine. It was amazing to see the new things he learned in the 5 short days we were gone. He is now rolling over, and over, and over. Before he stopped at one roll. He is also putting his arms up when he wants you to take him. (we had worked on it before I went but he was only putting up one hand)