Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Even more rambling.......

* I am so looking forward to seeing the "girls" on Saturday. We are staying over with Betsy and Kenny so we will be a CFC on Sunday. While I have been anticipating the red hat event since hearing about it and then deciding to come, I feel pressed for time (as always) and wonder if I made the right choice. These are extra hours I could be spending with girls.

* Matthew has new favorites.....he loves yogurt. He has yo baby (yes, Aunt Donna, it is organic) with his cheerios in the morning now. Susan got him some baby bananas and he really likes them too. Not, baby food, but little bananas (like baby carrots). He is still not crawling (for which I am grateful) but he is still on the move. He rolls over and over to get where he wants to be. He can sit up from a lying down position, then on his knees and then he will pull himself to his feet. No, it won't be long now.

* We are still taking our walks, which is good for Gramma as I am no longer using the treadmill. Matthew enjoys the outside and he really does not want to come in when we come home from our walks.

* So, because the girls are not here to check my treasure box, I am taking up a bag of treasures for them. OK, I would never go to visit without some kind of treasures for them.
I am hoping to see many of you on Sunday at CFC.

* And yes, I am bringing new pictures!

*The zoo has reopened the penguin exhibit. The swim tank has been repaired and you can watch them swim and play in the water again. There are seven pairs which have either given birth to babies or will very soon. I heard that this exhibit and the elephants are the ones drawing the biggest crowds. Hopefully the girls will be coming down this month and we can take them and Matty to the zoo.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


* Thought I would try the color personality quiz from Deb's blog. Here are my results:

Your color personality is: Green
"It sounds like the hue you most relate to is green -- the color most evocative of nature. Adjectives such as kind, gentle, and contemplative likely describe you. You enjoy being involved with your neighbors and coworkers, but you also require plenty of time to yourself to recharge.
You are social yet introverted, and modern but not trendy. Surround yourself with your signature color to create a restful, soothing environment. From sage to hunter, green can work well in virtually every room of your house. Use it generously to create a haven you'll love coming home to."

Well, while I think this is a pretty good description for the most part, I really do not think that it could be said that I enjoy being involved with the neighbors and coworkers. I have always thought of myself as homebody who keeps pretty much to herself. I do love green and different shades do create a soothing environment in quite a few rooms in our house.

*Not much for a "newsy" blog. (not that any of my blogs are newsy) Am excited to being spending next weekend in Canton. OK, we are staying with Betsy and Kenny in Norwood for the night. Our first stop will be Canton to see the two little princesses. We used to have a tradition where I had a box that my father made and filled it with "treasures". I loved making my trips to the Dollar Store for "treasures" to load in the box. I loved watching the girls go through the box to pick out the perfect "treasure". I see my treasure box every time I go downstairs to do some wash. I feel bad that it is just sitting on a shelf, kind of like a tradition has died. Oh, yes, I can still bring it upstairs and load it with treasures when they come and eventually, Matthew will be old enough to pick through it. All this is probably silly, after all it is only a box with dollar store treasures, but the smiles on the girls faces when they found the perfect "treasure" said it all.

* The weather has been so great this week. Matty and I take a walk in the morning, and then one after lunch and a short one just before Grampa gets home. Matthew loves outside and the bouncer, I mean he really loves it. I dragged it out on the front porch so he could jump and I could rake the front yard. He is trying very hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and then he start rocking. Almost, won't be long now.

* Morrigan (along with her parents) will be here for a week at the end of June. Looking forward to that as it seems like forever since we saw her.

* I almost forgot, I finished the Mitford series. I loved them. Now what? Any suggestions?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Did I mention?......

:: Did I mention how much I love being a grandmother? I do, I love it. I miss the girls terribly but the trade off is spending every day with my sweet Matthew. I love how he cuddles and how he laughs when you even mention Grampa's name. I love to watch him try to do new things and how he giggles when he sees Grampa come in from work.

::When Susan took Matthew to the doctor for his cough and cold last week, they told her Matthew had a mouthful of teeth on top ready to come in. It looks like 4 but they have yet to break through.

::Just yesterday we had some firsts. I laid Matthew in the crib for a minute and when I came back he was sitting up in the middle of the crib with a huge smile on his face. Not sure who was more excited, Matty or Gramma. I had a bottle half full of water and I set it on the night stand and laid Matthew on my bed while I called Jackie.....he sat up, reached over and took the bottle and then laid back down and drank it. He had not taken any interest in taking his bottle on his own before this.

::He loves jello. I had made some and out of sheer desparation with him not wanting any baby food, I tried the jello. He finished the tablespoon I had put in his dish and wanted more. He wants nothing to do with jar baby food......if he can't feed himself, he wants nothing to do with it. Susan got him some veggies that look like cereal. He can't get enough. He likes his cheerios too.....but what kid doesn't. Zoe picks up any that fall around the high chair!

:: I have solidified plans for Easter dinner. Dinner will be here with Susan, Tom and Matthew and Uncle Roy. I would love to have the girls here too but that is not possible.

::Two more weeks and we will be coming north for the weekend. I am looking forward to spending time with the girls, Maxwell (the new addition to their family), friends and coming back to CFC for Sunday service. I am coming up to attend a Red Hat event in Potsdam. I do miss the Red Hat meetings and ladies. I had big plans of joining down here but the meetings are Wed. night and I just never went. I am so glad for this opportunity to fellowship with the Red Hat Society Divas; I hear they have added some new members since I left.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Ramblings

:: My father in law did not survive the bypass surgery on Wed. Everyone seems to be handing it pretty well but I would still covet your prayers for the family and for the memorial service.
In leiu of calling hours there will be a memorial service at his church on Saturday afternoon.

::I am feeling better but I am still coughing. A loud barking cough that still startles Matthew and can wake him from a sound sleep. The doctor told my mother in law, who also has it, that the cough will last up to 2 weeks. Just what I wanted to hear.

::This is the first time since I can remember that I have made no plans for Easter. I guess we usually spent it with the "girls" and with Susan, every other year( every other Easter they eat dinner with Tom's parents). Tonight at dinner, Wm. asked me if I was cooking or we had plans. The truth is I have felt so bad that I never even gave Easter dinner a thought. Also with both Wm. parents being hospitalized and then with his father's passing, I guess that plans for Easter were not a great priority.

Monday, April 03, 2006


*Figured that updating might be a good idea since it has been a while. We have been sick. I mean really sick. We went to Watertown Saturday evening March 25th to celebrate Betsy's birthday. Deb Regan called and wanted us to meet them at Applebee's for a "party". This way we all drove 1/2 way. (handy how Watertown is the same distance from Canton as it is from Syr) On the way home, Wm. got sick and things escalated from there. He took Mon. and Tues. off from work and actually stayed in bed (Wm. does not do sick days) By Tues, I had come down with it and Matty did not come the remainder of the week. We are feeling better but the cough continues; a loud barking cough that wakes Matthew from a sound sleep.

* Wm. father had been scheduled for bypass surgery last Friday. Today again, they said his sodium level was too low and it was postponed. Now, they have him on a salt free diet and are feeding him dill pickles and potato chips. (Not sure I understand the reasoning behind this, but then again, I am not a doctor. )

* On a lighter note, I found a children's clothing store, not far from where we live that carries brand name clothing at discounted prices. They were running a penny sale this weekend. If you purchased 2 items from the clearance racks, you got a third for a penny. The reason for going in the first place was that Matthew is fast outgrowing all he was given and needed new pants. We did get him a outfit and a pr. of pajamas on the clearance rack and then got a light blue zippered sweater for a penny! They carry tons of kids clothes from birth to size 16. I saw some great Laura Ashley dresses for the girls. Can't wait to take them there.

*That is about all the updating I can manage as my cough is getting to me again. I need to go to bed and pray for sleep. I seem to fall asleep only to wake right back up coughing. How long can this last??????