Thursday, June 28, 2007

more ramblings

Suppose that I really do not have anything blog worthy to say, nonetheless, I am going to ramble on for a minute or two.
Wm. got the back deck pressure washed and painted/stained the same as we did the front porch last year. It really looks good, so much brighter. The problem comes that it is just too hot to sit out there. We get sun on the back deck pretty much all day long. So either we need an awning, an umbrella or as I suggested a pergola (like that will happen).
Our 33rd anniversary is July 12th. No, no plans.
I am going to have the MRI of my knee next Tues. While I need to know what is causing this pain, I am not looking forward to another surgery. I really do not understand how you can tear the cartilage when they told me after the last surgery that I had no cartilage left in my knee and it was literally bone rubbing against bone. I also wonder how many times you go to a surgeon that they don't feel surgery is the best route.
Matty opened the door to the linen closet yesterday and mumbled something I could not understand. I said do you know the sign? He stopped and thought for a minute. Shook his head no. I said then tell me again what you are looking for. He turned around and shouted....."band-aid, my boo boo". Alrighty then! I think he may finally be really ready to potty train. I am definitely going to try one of the charts from the link Jackie had on her blog.
Today when he was coloring I started asking him the colors. He laid all the crayons in a line and started naming off the colors......I had no idea he even knew Pink!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here we go again

Well, I had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this morning. They were way behind (surprise). Once I got in he suggested I go across the hall for an xray. The wait there was even worse. I was there more than an hour. He finally called over there to see what happened to me! After checking the xray, he decided that I needed another MRI (another surprise, NOT) He thinks maybe I tore the cartilage on the other side. I grumbled under my breath and he said there were no magic pills, and more PT would not help. ROM was not the problem. He also said that until I had another MRI, I could not have the cortisone shot I didn't want after the last surgery. On the way out of exam room a woman was leaving with her scooter. I said (tongue in cheek) what about just giving me a Rx for one of those. He did not see the humor in that! OK, I said all that to say I am right back where I was last Nov. If the MRI shows it is not a tear, then he thinks it will mean a knee replacement. (Maybe by then he will consider giving me that script) :-)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fat Grandmother's day off

I asked for yesterday off as my back and knee have been really bothering me. Matty's other grandmother is up in Old Forge at their camp so Susan offered to take the day off and stay home with him. However, she had a doctor's appt. this morning so I opted for this afternoon off instead. No big plans, that would be difficult without a car, but I really do not feel like driving somewhere anyway. My big plan for today is to just rest with my knee elevated, something that is difficult with a 2 yr. old, as well as catch up on a few things. Wm. is working over, again.....while I am thankful for the extra money the overtime brings, I would rather he was home after 8 hours.
We have a few places to go tonight once he gets here. I did not get to Wegman's this week (they have the best fruits and veggies).
I read Amanda's hubby's blog about Fred Thompson. I was very impressed. Politics do not usually impress me (and I know very little about it really) but he has good moral and ethical values. He is pro life. A better candidate in my book than Mitt Romney. At the risk of sounding bigoted, I can not endorse a candidate who is part of a cult, and yes, I do believe Mormonism is a cult.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home again, home again....jiggity jig

I am not a happy camper......I just finished writing out this entire blog and when I was spell checking, the entire blog disappeared. Here we go again:
We never made it to Lael's graduation Friday night :-( We did however, make it up for her parties. The family party was at 11am which meant we had to leave here at 8am which in turn meant I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 6:15 (I would only do this for my grandchildren) The family party went until 2 when the friends party began. That was entirely too much excitement for an old fat grandmother!

Alyssa watches as Lael opens her Gracie doll.

These are the cakes Jackie made for Lael's party.
Cute, eh?

This is my very favorite picture and why not? It has 2 beautiful princesses, my adorable little Matty and my sweet William. I absolutely love these dresses. I knew they would be too much for Josh and Jackie's taste but the girls seem to share my fondness for them. They are much better made than those "dress up" princess dresses that I have been know to pay a fortune for for the girls. I figured if nothing else, these would make excellent dresses for "dress up" time.

After we left Lael's party, we met Bub and Deb Regan at Lobster House in Norwood for a birthday dinner. Then it was on to Kenny and Betsy's house for cake and presents. Betsy made the most delicious cake.....Creamsicle with a mousse frosting.....YUM. I got a new purse from Deb and Betsy surprised me with a gift card to my favorite store......The Christmas Tree Shop!
The ache in my head and knee escalated throughout the night and this morning all I wanted to do was go home. So unfortunately our plans to attend CFC were replaced with a quick stop in Canton to kiss my 3 little princesses goodbye.
Matty came over when we got home to give Papa his Father's Day gift.
Tomorrow the celebration continues, with dinner at Tassone's for all you can eat crab legs.
Uncle Roy's gift to me. Did I mention I love crab legs?????? (probably too many times)

Edit: just got these pictures from Jon.

I love this one! Max and Morrigan

This is adorable too. Aren't my grandchildren too cute for words? Where else could you find six more adorable kids?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Happy Birthday to my beautiful little princess!

Lael Teresa Card is 6 yr. old today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


If you know me at all, you know I don't just go around smiling. Matty makes me smile. He loved Thomas and Bob the Builder but this week they have been replaced by Elmo and Blue (Blue's clues). Susan bought him another Elmo......this one has a potty chair and sippy cup. You squeeze Elmo's hand, he asks for a drink and then, you guessed it, he needs to use the potty. Matty is good at giving Elmo a drink and then setting him on the potty. This was supposed to entice your child to use the potty himself. Now up until yesterday, Matty had no problem sitting on the potty. (going on the potty was another story) Yesterday and today, he won't even try to sit on the potty and he goes so far as to put the potty seat in the linen closet!
He was watching a video of Elmo that was something we had from the girls and he dances when Elmo (Melmo) puts on his tap shoes. When that was over he told me "more". I said you want Elmo on again? He shook his head no and made the laughing sound the Count from Sesame St. makes. We got a video from Betsy's grandchildren that must be at least 10 yr. old. It has the Count teaching how to count. He loves it.....who would have thought?
Things have not changed a lot from last week......Wm. still working over time. Friday it was until 9 and last night 8. I hate eating that late. I know, he is not happy working that late either. And yes, I am very thankful he has a job. Last week he worked over every night; hopefully it is a trend that won't continue.
Susan has gone to Erie today and then on to NJ tomorrow I think. There are grand openings in both places. She will be home again late Wed. night.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I finally broke down and made an appt. with the orthopedic Dr. because of my knee. The first appt. I can get is 6/26.....more than 2 wk. away. YIKES! I can barely walk now.

Friday is Lael's kindergarten graduation. I was hoping to get there for it but it looks like we probably won't. :-( We are going on Sat. for her birthday party. This is the first year she has had separate parties for the family and her little friends. She is definitely growing up too fast. They all are.

This week is really a busy one for our family. Thurs. is both Jackie and Lael's birthday. Friday is my (are we ready for this?) BIG 60. I don't know when I got old......most days I feel 90 though. LOL ......and Lael's graduation and then Sun. is Father's Day. Whew......I will need another weekend just to get over this one!

We took a 4 hr. class at church yesterday. It was on Discovering Spiritual Maturity.....prayer and Bible study, etc. The next class is on finding your ministry and the fouth is on enlisting people for the worldwide mission of sharing Christ.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I find it amazing and I really do not know why, as I have seen first my own children and then the other grandchildren go through it. Still it amazes me. Matthew has been increasing his vocabulary on a daily basis. He says a word and if he knows the sign, he does that also. This week he has been talking a blue streak. Yesterday at lunch, well today too for that matter, he told me what he wanted for lunch. Gone are the days when he would open the fridge and bark (that meant he wanted a hot dog, duh, I get it) He said hot dog, cheese, melon. I took out the Hoffman's, he took out the cheese and watermelon. Then he said (and this is why I was amazed) "pudding, please". I was shocked and asked what did you say......he repeated pudding, please. I said, pudding? and he signed and said please!

I also have a very funny Matthew story to tell......if you have had your quota of Matthew for the day, I suggest you move on to another blog. I have laughed about this for 2 days........ We went for our early afternoon (we go for many) walk the other day when we came upon a squirrel that was dead on the side of the road. Now because Matty loves squirrels I was unsure how to tell him it was dead. Remember, there is one that comes on our porch and eats goldfish crackers that Matty drops. Anyway, when we got close to it, he began signing squirrel. I could see it was dead but it also had it's paws under it's head and was lying on it's side. Matty said "Aw" and made a snoring sound. I started to laugh and he told me to shh. So, I said shh, we don't want to wake him do we? I have tried to avoid going that way for the last few days as it is still there but now in pretty bad condition. There is another grandmother in the subdivision who cares for her grandchildren however, she allowed them to play with the dead squirrel.....what's wrong with that picture?

Monday, June 04, 2007


This weekend was wonderful. We went out to lunch on Sat (more like an early dinner) to Kirby's. I like Kirby's......we just learned on Sat. that it was the old Mr. Steak franchise that became the Kirby's chain. Anyway the food is excellent and it is close by, right on the way to Wegman's.

Sunday was the Neighbor-fest at church. It celebrated not only the 18th anniversary of the church but also the groundbreaking for the renovation of the building. We found out yesterday that our church building was actually built on the word. When they poured the foundation, they had people bring in old Bibles that they put in the foundation and continued with more concrete. After the sub floor was on, everyone in the church wrote Bible verses on the floor before the carpet went in. Yesterday, they asked people to find a rock and put either their name or a bible verse on it and then they built an altar with them in a hole they had dug where the middle of the foyer will later become. So the altar will become part of the foundation of the renovation like the Bibles did. I think this is as Matt would say "cool".

There were a lot of people at church. Many visitors. It was nice to have the service outside under a tent but it was hot, very hot. There were games, tons of food, worship music, and let us not forget the bounce house. The 23 people of the school of ministry at Faith Chapel planned it all and were in charge.

Betsy stopped by on her way home from Rochester where she stayed with her grandchildren while her daughter and son in law went to the Homeschooling convention in Syracuse. What a treat.....I not only got to see my friend who I miss more than I thought I would, but I also got a haircut.

She cut Matty's hair too. It looks fantastic but it took three adults to hold him down so she could cut it. I am so thankful she was persistent. He looks so cute and not like a little waif any longer. He jerked and she ended up with the scissors jabbing her between her fingers. Didn't really seem to phase her but it definitely looked painful to me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

What fun!

This is how we spent most of our day today. He loves it! The first time we went in he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. Soon he was splashing and running around and kicking his feet. He kept making the sign for water and telling me "cool". I told him it was a pool. He said the P sound and then cool. When I tried to take him out, he would run around so I would have a hard time trying to catch him. He would tell me to sit in the chair and no, he did not want to get out of the "cool".

This afternoon was a different story.....he thought it was funny to jump in and out of the pool. I told him that if he got both feet out of the pool, he was going inside. He decided it was a riot to straddle the edge of the pool. One foot was in the pool and the other out on the grass. He was out and in. He told me so too! Gramma was not nearly as amused as Matthew was.