Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We were very fortunate this yeas as although Josh's family was at Jackie's parents and Jon's family was with Donna's, we were able to spend Christmas eve with Susan, Tom and Matthew. Uncle Roy joined us for dinner and gift exchange.

Susan, Tom and Matt gave us a new digital camera with a small portable printer so we can really share our photos :-) I never liked the quality that I got from our regular printer. This one , however, prints out a perfect 4x6 print in a matter of seconds. Maybe I can become a better photographer in spite of myself!

Matt and Papa whipped the cream for the pies. Papa let him lick
off the beaters. Truth be known, he dipped his beater in a few times!

After church on Sunday we had a get together in Camillus with Will's brothers, sister, their spouses and of course his mother. We had a sit down dinner which did surprise me. We all had a great time. Thanks again, Karen and Jon.
Christmas Day found us at Jim's open house. I was concerned as it was the first time he had done it since my sister, Susan, had died. It was very relaxed and we did enjoy our selves immensely.
With all the family time and in the midst of all the presents and wrappings I hope you all took the time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas and took the time to thank Him for our greatest gift.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Been waiting for another episode in the continuing story of an old fat grandmother's day with an active 2 yr old? OK, here goes:

Matthew and Papa made this little snowman before Papa left for work this morning. Matt said we needed a carrot for the nose. He chose a baby carrot as it was a little snowman. Then while he was helping to make more Christmas treats, he decided that his snowman needed eyes. So we were thinking about what would work for eyes and he said little cheese crackers. And look at that, they are perfect.

He wanted me to come in his room with him, something he has not wanted me to do for the last few days, so he could "cook" my breakfast in his little kitchen. So this morning I dined on crispix cereal and celery sticks that he "cooked" for me. Oh, yum!

We were going to be alone for Christmas as it was the year for our children to go to their in laws. Susan called yesterday and wondered if I wanted to make Christmas dinner here on Christmas eve so we can exchange gifts. Great idea, I am on it! We are inviting Uncle Roy also.

On another note, my MIL is moving from the "Home" on Saturday. She will be moving in with Wm. brother Jim. He bought the building where they had the store and lived in Mottville. This is something she really wants to do. She has become disenchanted with the "Home" lately and wanted to get out. I am praying she will be happy there as they are both working.

On Sunday, after church (I am on nursery duty again, which I really enjoy) we are having the Card family Christmas at Wm.'s brother Jon's new house is Camillus. It is a beautiful house and there is room for us all. Definitely, something we lack here. This house is very small, but then again there is just the 2 of us.

On Christmas day, my BIL, Jim, my sister's husband, is having an open house. This was something my sister did every year on Christmas day. This will be the first time since her death that he has had it. We are going, but it will seem strange with her not there. She died on Christmas Day 2002.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas present exchange

Yesterday was special day for this old fat gramma. Will, Susan , Matthew and I travelled to Watertown to met Josh, Jackie and the girls at the mall. The temperatures were very cold but the roads were bare and combined with the new portable DVD player Susan brought along for Matt, the trip could not have been better. Actually, we managed to get there early. Now as many times as we have met in Watertown, we have never been there first. (OK, there was an accident so J&J had a 25 minute unplanned detour)

Josh made some rules:
a) no family pictures in Target
b) no opening gifts at the mall or restaurant

I was not a happy camper but did abide by his decision. I had some gifts I wanted to see their reaction to.
We visited Santa so I could have a picture of the kids together, (Santa was in the mall, not Target) Lauren was in the store with her mother, not that Santa had a big enough lap anyway. As you can see by the picture, the kids were reluctant to sit on his lap with the exception of Alyssa. Lael said at least his beard was not a fake one! From there we went to Applebees for lunch. It was not easy to keep 4 hungry kids entertained until they brought our lunch. These restaurants are not designed for large parties with little kids, especially during the very busy lunch hour with all the shoppers wanting a sit down meal opposed to fast food in the mall.

While we were waiting for J&J and the girls, Susan and I went into Steve and Barry's (I actually thought was were we would find Jackie anyway as it was not only at the entrance where we were supposed to meet them but also her very favorite store. They were having a great sale......everything and I do mean everything was $8.98. I bought a leather (yes, real leather) jacket for Josh and Susan got the same one for Tom. I gave Josh what I thought was his jacket at Applebees so he could try it before he went home. It was a perfect fit. However, when I got home I realized I had given him the jacket Susan got for Tom and it was a size smaller than what I had gotten for Josh. I have felt horrid ever since I realized what I had done. But, Josh and the jacket are in Canton and we are here with the larger one. Hopefully they will have one at the Steve and Barry's here that she can exchange for the right size.

All in all, it was a great day. Oh, I do love being a gramma!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got it

That's right, after cancelling my appt. two days in a row, I finally was able to get the brace for my knee. It is ugly, and cumbersome and will not fit under my jeans. However I am able to get up and down without help and it is the support I need so my knee does not "go out" anymore. Last week at my appt. at the well clinic, the nurse told me this was only putting off the inevitable, and that I would eventually need a knee replacement. :-(
The weather here is horrid. Snowing like mad and the ground that was grass yesterday and even this morning is now totally covered in snow. 3-6 inches by this afternoon. Remind me again, why do we live here? I hope it clears up some by late this afternoon as I have another appt. at the well clinic. Not to mention a meeting in Watertown on Saturday with the three most beautiful girls in NNY (and their parents) to exchange gifts and have lunch. Susan, Tom and Matthew are coming with us.....err, we are going with them in their van, it is a trial run for the DVD they got for the car. (the girls seem to like theirs and Anthony loves the one in their vehicle......anything has to be better than the trip Susan and I made with Matt coming home from Canton when he screamed and cried the entire was because the sun was in his eyes)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I like......

edit: They cancelled my appt again today. My poor Wm. went to work at 5 something this morning! Dare we try for tomorrow?

I like the little white Christmas lights. Tastefully done decorations.
I dislike the houses that feel it is necessary to push the envelope. You know the houses I mean.....enough lights for the entire city , not one but many of the blow up Christmas decorations that seem so popular. Why is it that a holiday is a signal for some people to lose any decorating sense they may have had and go with the "more is better" rule. There is a fine line between tastefully done and over done.....and then there is over the top! Do you think maybe these people never had any decorating sense to begin with? Hmmm

I like to schedule my dr. appts. for the last one of the day so Wm. knows in advance and can go to work early to compensate for leaving early.
I dislike when they change my appt. the same day it was scheduled for. I really do not understand they(dr. offices) will charge for the appt. if you do not give them 24 hr. notice for having to cancel or reschedule your appt; yet they can call you the same day and expect you to just readjust your schedule to accommodate them. (yes, that does sound bitter and can you hear me saying it through clenched teeth)? Wm. went to work very early this morning so he could take me to Syracuse Orthotics at 4 to get my knee brace. They called at 11 to say they were changing my appt today for the same time tomorrow. Hey, wait a minute, we just had to go through a lot to make today's appt work. :-(

I like that Matt is talking more, entertaining himself without my coaching him.
I dislike this means he is growing up. I also don't like when he is about to do something he knows he should not do and tells me close my eyes and go in the other room (I don't think so)
Guess he does not know that is a huge clue that I need to stay right there!

Friday, December 07, 2007

more musings

Tomorrow my baby will be 31. He will probably not like me calling him my baby but like it or not, he always will be. 31, Yikes. I know that turning 30 was traumatic for him last year. Now imagine how I feel knowing he is my baby! (insert smile face here)

I went to the well clinic yesterday for my elevated blood sugar level. This is actually a pre-diabetes program to learn how to deal with this problem before it becomes one. Now, it sounds like an intelligent thing to do, however, they were somewhat surprised that my doctor had sent me to the program seeing the test results showed that my levels were just 2 points over the norm. OK, I understand that I do show signs that it could go from pre-diabetes to diabetes very easily.....likewise it could simply remain status quo. I am hoping with the knowledge obtained in this program, I can better keep it from progressing to diabetes.

The brace I had made for my knee has come in (they make them in Texas) however, I can not pick it up until Monday. So with a brace for my knee and better nutrition (actually, they said my diet was not that bad; who knew) I will soon be able to keep up with a certain 2 yr. old!

Monday, December 03, 2007


I am hurting today, just walking is painful. For years my "boys" have always called me the queen of klutz but the fall I took yesterday in church was one of my most ungraceful ones yet. I was carrying the Bible bag, my purse and a present for Eleora. I was going through the door into the church from the narthex and someone stepped on the back of my boot. It was an accident (however my mother always used to say that it doesn't hurt any less because it is an accident) Anyway, when he stepped on my boot, I fell forward on my knees and then on my face not to mention scrunching Eleora's gift. Oh, people were gracious to help me up and Wm. was glad to know that my knee had not given out but I fell for a reason. I made it through church and limped around the rest of the day but today it seems to be even worse.

Most of shopping is done now and I need to do the wrapping. I used to love wrapping, did I ever mention I had a job wrapping gifts at Christmas? Now it is painful for both my knees and back to stand for long periods. It could be the arthritis, it could be the fact that I am getting old.
I have Lauren's and Max's Christmas stocking to sew too. We will be going to Watertown 12/15/07 to have lunch with Josh, Jackie and the girls and exchange our gifts. I am excited for that.

My sweet little Matt has a bad cold. It is not slowing him down any though. He wants to make chocolate chip cookies after his nap!