Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Terrible Tues???????

Yesterday was not one of our better days. It began with a flat tire on the Explorer.(the plan was for Wm. to take the tire to the tire place on the way to work and then have it repaired and put back on the vehicle at lunch. Matt decided he and Papa should not walk Ali yesterday before Papa left but they should go to the garage so Matt could work on a "project". Ali was upset and left the garage and came into the house. Matt came in later and Will took the tire and was off to work. After a few minutes I realized I had not seen Ali. Matt and I searched the house and then the yard (remember it is fenced in) Frantic, I called DH who said to check the garage. The door had been open and Ali was going in and out. She was not there either. Wm. came home from work and took the leash and Matt in the car to try to find Alice. After a while they came back. Apparently, the gate was not closed, we have no idea who left it open but Alice decided to take herself for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. They found her over in the next block, behind us.

Matt decided he would paint some more boxes and I would start the chili for dinner. That worked out quite well, so well in fact, I decided why not roast the chicken so I could make chicken and rice soup for Wed. dinner. We have 2 crock pots so I could try my hand at Suzy Homemaker. I cut up the celery and carrots and when the chicken was done I took it off the bone and started the soup. I had some carrot left over so I decided to eat it, raw carrot is good for you, right! I took one bite when I heard a loud crack. I hoped it was the carrot but I was certain it was going to be my tooth. Yep, my front tooth broke right off at the gum. (dejevu??? yes, I did the same exact thing nearly a yr. ago) I got an appt. with a dentist (I was not satisfied with the job they did with my bridge last year so I called someone else) My appt was 9 AM but after xrays, impressions, etc. I can not have the remainder of the tooth extracted or a new bridgework completed until 10/22. Yep, 3 weeks without a front tooth. Needless to say, I will not be going outside of this house until then.

Monday, was spent outside so we were sure not to miss the garbage man. If you remember, he told Matt he could dump the garbage. It was misting on and off and feeling cold and damp only aggravated my sinuses and arthritis. I had given Matt 2 little packages of choc. chip cookies one for Matt and the other for the garbage guy. Matt ate one pack and when it began to get late with no sign of the truck (we could hear him all around our street but not see him) Matt asked if he could eat one of the cookies from the other package. I told him he ate his and the other ones were for the garbage guy. He walked away but came back with a huge smile on his face and said "but Gramma, he doesn't know how many cookies are in his package!"

Susan and Stephanie take Matthew and Anthony to the zoo boo at Halloween. Last year I made Matt a Bob the builder costume. This year he asked if we could make a baby jaguar costume. This may take some thought!