Thursday, December 29, 2005

vacation woes

I had been looking forward to vacation (Susan took the week between Christmas and New Year's off and would be home with Matthew) to finish some sewing projects I had put on the back burner for a while. Today is Thursday and I have yet to even get out the sewing machine.

On Tuesday night the drain for our dishwasher clogged and the dishwasher had standing water in the bottom. Wm. finally got the water drained out and we thought the drains had been unclogged. Unfortunately not.....yesterday morning the dishwasher was so full of water that it had leaked out on the kitchen floor. I took all the clean dishes out, dried and put them away; and proceeded to bail out the dishwasher with a turkey baster. After numerous attempts to unclog the drain we ended up washing our dishes in the bathtub last night.

So, not only have I yet to accomplish anything productive during this vacation, I find myself missing Matthew and our daily routine. Susan, Matthew and I ventured out to Wal*Mart on Tuesday for baby formula and I was very surprised that it was not the mad house I anticipated.

Weather here has been in the 40's and the snow is mostly gone from our yard. No, I have not taken down the garland and lights from the front porch or even the inside decorations yet. I love the little white lights on the garland, the tree and the kisssing ball (I tell Matthew that when the kissing ball lights are on, it means Gramma can kiss him all she wants.......look out girls, the same goes for both of you too). I will hold out until after Monday to take them down. Most of the decorations are still up in the neighborhood anyway.

Once again I shall attempt to read through the Bible in a year.........I have yet to make it all the way through, I am sorry to say and am holding to the truth that He will forgive us and that His mercies are new every morning. Thank God for that! My intentions are always good in January and then the enemy sneaks in with little things that steal my attention away.

OK, so much for baring my soul to the world and feeling sorry for myself here.....I dislike being such a whiner! I shall look at the positive here......His mercies are new every morning, there is still some of my vacation left, and this weekend I shall have 3 of my 4 grandchildren together.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let the blogging begin

I was enjoying the anonymity of merely reading the blogs of our friends and family in the north country once we moved down here to the "big city". Now that Josh and Jackie created this blog for me (I wanted a place to share pictures and stories about the grandchildren) I feel obligated to let the blogging begin. * note: the name of the blog was my idea not theirs!

I am definitely computer challenged so I am truly thankful for their help.

We have finished most of the house (come on, you knew we couldn't leave it alone) We repainted all the rooms and put laminate floors throughout, with the exception of the bath and kitchen. The kitchen was new so painting was all that was required there. Wm. and Uncle Roy made a window seat for the large window in the living room. Our little abode is really becoming a home vs a house.

Wm. has been working at IMS (Immediate Mail Service) while I have been watching Matthew, which was our reason for moving down here in the first place. I miss everyone, especially the girls, more than I expected but I everytime I look down at Matthew's sweet little face, I know we made the right decision.

We (Aunt Susie, Uncle Tom and Matthew too) are very excited to have Josh, Jackie and the girls coming for the weekend. Wm. wanted Josh's help with insulating the attic, which means Jackie, Aunt Susie and the girls and I will have to go to the mall.....not good to have the girls around all that fiberglass :-)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!