Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Day Yet?

We love Mondays......OK, Matt loves Mondays. Because he gets to come back to Gramma and Papa's house? No! Why you ask? Because Monday is garbage day. No matter where we are in the house, he can hear when it turns onto our street. We have to go outside and stand at the end of the driveway and wait for both the recycling and garbage trucks to pick up our stuff. The guys from the trucks always talk to him and he loves it. For his birthday he got a garbage truck and last week we took it down to show it off to the garbage guys. Today they blew the horn at him when they were across the street but it was not until they stopped at our house did this turn into Matt's best Monday yet. They told him to promise them he would never be a garbage man but a doctor or a lawyer. Then the unthinkable happened. They asked if he wanted to dump the garbage into the truck. They explained that they did not have as nice a truck as his garbage truck was but once they hooked our can onto the arm, they let him push the lever up to dump our garbage into the truck; and then pull it back down to lower the can to the ground. He told them, "I can not believe you are letting me doing this. This is way too cool! I really can not believe this! " What could possibly top that? Probably nothing but we did have to call both Papa and Mommy at work to tell them about his experience. There was no way this kind of news could have waited until 5pm!!!!

Saturday William took Uncle Roy and I to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I had gone to the one in Raleigh a few times when we down visiting Jon Christian and his family. It is no where near the size of the Raleigh store but I had a great time scrounging around. I got some mosaic tiles that were a perfect match for my kitchen and would have made a fantastic backsplash had there been more. I bought all they had . I got 8 sq. ft. for $4. I also got some new handles for the bathroom vanity. I had changed the faucets but not the vanity handles or the towel bars and TP holder. Well, they are all changed now. We also put a cornice over the hardware for the shower rod. (I dislike seeing them as much as curtain hardware)

Yesterday, after church, we went over to the Home to see Will's mom. She was sick last weekend so did not make it to Matt's party. She was doing much better yesterday. She was really quite chipper. We rode down in the elevator with her when she went down for dinner and everyone was talking to her and she was talking to everyone. I was surprised to see she has become "Ms. Congeniality"

So another weekend has gone by and we have not worked on the bulldozer bed we are making for Matt's room. For the second week in a row, he has decided not to sleep in the crib and opted for the couch instead for his nap

This morning, Matt and Ali were watching Diego (Matt may have been a little more engrossed than Ali)