Saturday, September 20, 2008

afternoon thoughts

I have had a lot of time to think this afternoon. I have not felt well for almost a week now. At first, I thought it was allergies or my sinuses. Now my arthritis is flaring up and the past few days I have had a lot of muscle aches. Not sure what it is but I feel horrid, I was sure I would feel better as the day wore on but the opposite has happened. I will need to get groceries after church tomorrow as I could not bring myself to go today.

Wm. worked on Matt's bed. Oh, it looks wonderful. It was put together once but he took it apart so it could be painted. I can not wait until it is completely finished and Matt sees it for the first time. Funny how this whole construction theme idea came from a lamp I got at the Christmas Tree Shop for $2 when he was a baby. Then I made the Bob the Builder for him to hang up his clothes (or in Matt's case, his broom and dust pan, don't ask) Then we made the cornices to look like road block signs and now Wm. made the bulldozer bed. I am so excited about this. I promise to take pictures
as soon as it is painted and in the room.


nymrsb said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I hope it doesn't last much longer. Looking forward to pictures of the latest project in your house!