Thursday, September 25, 2008

from the pumpkin patch

Papa told Matt it was time to cut some of his pumpkins from out of his pumpkin patch. I think he can be very proud of himself considering it was his idea to grow some pumpkins and he was diligent to turn them every day.

We have more tomatoes and cukes and few peppers still to be harvested but considering the fact we are fast approaching October, and that the nights have been getting colder, I am not sure how long we will be able to have fresh veggies.

We are thinking about going to NC the first week of Nov. I am missing the southern grandbabies and would love to see them again. Will told Matt we were going and he said "I want to go with you Papa". His mother told him it would be a very long ride. "I want to see Max and Morrigan, Papa. I will be able to go for a very long ride". It would be fun to take him but I am not sure he is ready to leave his Mama for a week.

Update on Jon: He did not get a call back yesterday. When I called this morning he was looking for a job. He says he spends most of the day looking and sending out resumes. Thanks to all those who prayed. I know God has the perfect job for him.
Stephanie came by this afternoon when she picked up Anthony from preschool. The boys have such a great time together. They play so well with each other.