Monday, September 15, 2008


We got the very tail end of Ike last night. Rain and wind and then about 2:30, the power went out. It did come back on a little after 8 this morning though. Our yard was littered with tons of branches and sticks and Matt and I picked them all up, I am talking many, many arm loads of branches in both the front and back yards. Not any real damage, PTL.
Our neighbor, Don, was not quite as fortunate. He has a tree in his front yard that he was very proud of. He told Wm. how it was an Aspen and how it grew like a triangle.

When it came down, it landed on the wires. If you look closely you can see it is burning where it touches the wires. First, the fire chef came, then the fire truck which waited for National Grid to come. They waited 4 hours to be exact. (National Grid never did come) Finally, they just taped off the area and left. The news said there were 40,000 homes in the area without electricity this morning.
Exciting stuff going on right out side our house you say. I thought so, I thought Matt would love the fact that a fire truck was directly in front of our house. Not Matt, he wanted to play with the story reader video plus and the click start computer. I kept asking if he wanted to go outside. His answer, "Absolutely, when is the garbage truck coming" All righty then!


sam said...

So glad you made it relatively unscathed. Sounds like quite the storm. There was much flooding in parts of the Midwest, M said there was over 6.5 inches of rain over the weekend in Chicago, but we only received a light mist.