Thursday, September 18, 2008

ramblings of an old fat grandmother....

First, I want to take a minute to say how thankful I am for my DH. I know I eluded to this on our anniversary but it goes so far beyond that. Over the years he has allowed me to stay at home with our children, homeschool - even when it meant he had to work 2 jobs. He has never had a vacation that was not either "homeschool related" or a working vacation. He allowed me to go back and get a certificate in interior design at age 50 because it was something I had always wanted and my parents felt business was the wiser choice when I was ready for college. Thank you Lord for this man of God you chose for me.

In one short week Matt has decided he likes to blend his paints. He is also a collector A collector of everything. Our walks amount to nothing more than a chance for him to pick up rocks, pinecones, etc all along the way. His well dr. visit showed he was 39 1/2 # and 41 1/2 " tall. That is the 96 and 97%. Ali is still his constant companion and he is forging ahead in his "school work". (his words, not mine) He knows the alphabet, numbers to 30. He still remembers all 27 of the signs we learned and can use them if I ask.

The weather has cooled down so walking has become much more bearable for me. Matt and Ali have no problem walking in any weather. Our little garden is looking pretty shabby now but we do have 5 orange pumpkins, a ton of green tomatoes (the storm the other night blew the tomato cages completely over and they are much too tomato laden to stand back up) There are a few green peppers and some cucumbers and even a few more hot banana peppers. This little garden turned out to be another blessing. I love that we had fresh veggies every day, and no I never seem to tire of fresh tomatoes and cukes