Monday, July 28, 2008

A dog and her boy

When we bought our house 3 yr. ago, it had a doggie door . Zoe would never use it so we put the cover over it and then I put the bottom of my hutch over it (I use it for recycling). Yesterday, William decided to try to see if Ali would use it. At first she was hesitant, however, before the afternoon was out she had been in and out more times than I can count. This morning when Matt came, he discovered Alice was using the doggie door. I am sure you can guess what is coming next. Yep, Matt and Ali both came in the doggie door. "Wow, Gramma, it is so fun to pretend to be a dog".

You will never believe how Matt's pumpkin patch is growing. Actually, it is more like overtaking the back yard. It is way beyond the frame that Papa and Matt made for it.
It goes on beyond what you can see in the picture but that was as much as I could fit in the viewer. You can only see the corner of the frame in the upper left corner of the picture. Matt checks the progress every day. So far we have gotten some tomatoes from the garden, but we do see evidence the beans are coming. We have some hot banana peppers but those were not our intention for our garden. Maybe my DIL likes them, they are coming down this weekend for Matt's birthday. I can't wait. I miss my girls! They are planning to go to the zoo on Sat. while waiting for us to get home from Burlington


my life on the mountain said...

Yeah, its seems everyones garden ia doing very good this year. It is exciting that jackie, Josh and the girls will be there this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them also. Live would be easier if families all lived together, that would start new towns.Enjoy your weekend.!!

nymrsb said...

Too funny about the doggie door! A child's dream come true to be able to fit. And fun for the imagination. What a beautiful pumpkin patch you have!