Monday, July 07, 2008


It certainly was a gorgeous weekend. Friday found Wm. and his brothers moving his mother back to the" Home" at her request. She was not happy spending so much time alone while at the same time wanting Linda and Jim to continue living their lives as they had before she moved in with them. Friday afternoon we drew up plans for the bulldozer bed we are making for Matt (for our house) Some of you will remember that we made a castle bed for Morrigan. Poor Wm. has to change my drawing of what I want it to look like to some plans so he can build it.

We (OK, Wm) got as far as cutting it out. In between this project, we did a few other projects that have bothered me since moving in. Wm. and Uncle Roy got the cornice done for over the window in the LR. This mimics the window seat, ie, white beadboard. (have I mentioned lately how much I love cottage design???) Just needs to be painted and put up.

I did a lot of touch up painting this weekend and we put up a chicken wire fence around our little garden as our backyard neighbor, John, (who shared with us from his garden last year) had rabbits eat all of his beans. We saw evidence of them starting on ours.

I dumped the kiddie pool, cleaned and refilled it. Good thing too as we have been in it a lot today and no, not me, Matthew. He hates to get water in his eyes. I got a pair of goggles at the $ store in orange which is his favorite color.
When he was not in the pool, he has been playing with his matchbox cars in the shade of the front porch. Matt put Ali inside(she didn't mind at all sleeping inside in the air while we sweltered in the heat outside) She likes to take his cars and that gets him very upset. He has quite a few matchbox cars but it was just in the last month he has been really playing with them for any length of time.

Now if I just had a couple of more 3 day weekends, maybe I could get the rest of my projects finished.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just seem like there isn't ever enough time to get all the projects done?
Cute goggles BTW.