Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday was my doctor's appt. for what I was sure was a sinus infection. It was and I am now taking my z-pack. I got the results back on my bone density scan and the bonivia has helped.

Today Matthew and I went with Uncle Roy to ToysRUs so Matthew could show us some of the things he wanted for his birthday. His first choice; well that would be a John Deere tractor with a canopy and dumping trailer. For only a mere $349.00 Yikes! He said "Please Gramma, it is really a fancy one". He had a shirt on today that said :If I am quiet, you had better come find me". You would not believe how many people came to us to ask if that was true. Uncle Roy took us to lunch at KFC/A&W Root Beer. Matt got a kids meal and we were very impressed how he sat right up and ate it. It has only been a little while that he has been actually eating chicken strips (nuggets, etc).

Speaking of Matt's birthday, it is Aug. 3rd. I can not tell you how happy I am that Josh, Jackie and the girls are coming down for Sat.& Sun. I miss the girls so much and to have 4 of my 6 grandchildren together is a real blessing. I don't think I have mentioned lately how glad I am to be a grandmother. I am not happy that Jon Christian, Donna, Morrigan and Max will not be coming. It was the plan that they would come for the week as we have Jason's wedding on Fri. night up in Burlington. Since having his job terminated, they did not feel it wise to plan a week long trip up from Raleigh. Please pray that he will find something else before his severance runs out.

Matthew wanted the theme for his party this year to be Scooby Do. I can not believe how much he likes that show. His cousin, Tyler, told him it was the best show ever and since then, it has been his favorite. I will interject here that I did not like it when his mother was a kid and I really have not changed my mind. Last week he told me that he could use a ham sandwich to calm his nerves. That took me aback, and it actually took me a while to realize he was quoting Shaggy from Scooby Do. (the biggest hint: he hates ham)


nymrsb said...

Oh, that T-shirt line is so true, isn't it? It was certainly a trigger to go looking to see what was up if any of my toddlers were quiet for an extended period of time.